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  • all you have to do is CLICK HERE and REPLY to thread you are taken to.
  • each reply is another entry :D
  • enter as often as you want!!!
  • come chat, self promote, or look through the shops and let us know what YOU'd put in the box if YOU WON!!!
  • PLEASE BE CONSTRUCTIVE... one letter or one word answers (i.e. SPAM) DO NOT COUNT!!! So, if you are chatting it up, please make sure you add more than one word to your reply if you want it to count as an entry in the drawing.
  • once we get 50 shops to donate a $20 gift certificate we WAIT A WEEK and then we PULL 50 DIFFERENT WINNERS FROM THE THREAD!!!!!
  • Winners will be drawn using a random number generator to pull the winning page and then a random number generator to pull the winning line. This process will repeat until 50 different winners are chosen and assigned to the FEATURE SHOPS!!!
  • you dont have to donate anything to play.
  • and if you do donate, you can still win ;D
  • remember you can enter as often as you want :D
  • and you have 50 different chances to WIN!!!!


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  • All we ask is that you have A HANDFUL of items for $20 or less for the winner to choose from as WITB is much more interested in handing out a PRIZE and not very interested in handing out a coupon...
  • YOU MUST HONOR your $20 gift certificate to the winner who is drawn and assigned to your shop by setting up a RESERVED LISTING just for them to order from you. You will clearly define in your listing your gift certificate policies including whether or not shipping will be the responsibility of the winner.
  • You can also allow them to "pick out" $20 worth of merchandise from your shop but in order for the contest to stay inline with etsy guidelines items must be ordered through etsy, must be checked out through etsy, and cannot in any way be redeemed off etsy as not to circumvent any etsy fees.
*PLEASE NOTE* there is a $5 entry fee in addition to the $20 gift certificate donation that's required to be a FEATURE SELLER in ROUND 3 of WITB. 25% of entry fee will be donated to charity (Axis of Justice) and a majority of the rest will go to advertise FEATURE SELLERS in places like Foundhandmade, Facebook, Google, and Own The Hour.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wanna win a $1000 shopping spree??? Just reply to enter!!!

Wanna win a $1000 ETSY SHOPPING SPREE?????

WINNER FOR ROUND 2 OF WITB IS DRAWN FRIDAY DEC 26th, 2008 at 10pm AZ time...

Could you imagine winning a $20 gift certificate from each of these great shops??????

YOU CAN!!!!!!!
  1. go to this website: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5936605
  2. read the original post for more details
  3. REPLY TO THE THREAD posted above
  4. every time you reply to the promotional thread its another entry into the random drawing ;D
  5. once we get 50 shops to donate a $20 gift certificate we wait a week and then we PULL A WINNER!!!!!
  6. you dont have to donate anything to play. and if you do donate, you can still win ;D
if you have any q's just convo me or ask one of the ROUND 2 FEATURE SELLERS listed here:
1. frommyhandstoyours.etsy.com jewelry, scarves, shredded t's
2. VictorianTimes.etsy.com (vintage & Reproduction items)
3. Sarahinflorida.etsy.com
4. DesignsbyEricaKortz.etsy.com
5. SouthernCreations.etsy.com-jewelry,photography,floral
6. JewelrybyJenn.etsy.com - custom jewelry at affordable prices
7. HippyKlippyKlopShop.etsy.com A lil bit of everything
8. Junquete.etsy.com a variety of this and that and more
9. HavenDawnDesigns.etsy.com Glass & Scrabble Pendants
10. ClearLakeCreations.etsy.com Bath & Body Products
11. Desera21.etsy.com Hair Bows & Accessories
12. Sunnfox.etsy.com vintage treasures
13. Sheltie19.etsy.com
14. MoleHillTreasures.etsy.com
15. BeadWired8.etsy.com - handmade jewelry
16. ILoveHelloKitty.etsy.com
17. FlightFancy.etsy.com - wire wrap jewelry
18. Lyndee495.etsy.com
19. Lilesj.etsy.com-handmade chainmaille & metal jewelry
20. SarahNWonderland.etsy.com
21. Buppins.etsy.com vintage finds
22. IvyRoad.etsy.com
23. LizardQueenJewelry.etsy.com - One of a Kind & Custom Jewelry
24. CocosCreations.etsy.com-paper quilled items!!!
25. ShaShaAnn.etsy.com Art, Children's Art, ACEOs
26. JodayCraf.etsy.com - handmade and vintage jewelry
27. LoveStamp.etsy.com
28. LadyFarrah.etsy.com
29. poaplumbagsjewelry.etsy.com
30. dandelionvintage.etsy.com
31. LuckyRosiesCreations.etsy.com
32. BenDawnDavis.etsy.com
33. JazziesJunque.etsy.com - unique supplies and more
34. GreenFamilyTree.Etsy.com - Eco-friendly house, bath, & beauty
35. AnTeris.Etsy.com - Original fiction
36. LiviasJewelry.Etsy.com - Jewelry, rosaries & spiritual jewelry
37. CristinaCristea.etsy.com
38. AromaticBodyOils.etsy.com
39. GoodEye.etsy.com
40. SoftPencil.etsy.com
41. WovenExpressions.etsy.com
42. LSpurling.etsy.com - handmade ARTISAN beads
43. Jolijoli.etsy.com - delicious treats to adorn a goddess
44. GreenEyedGems.etsy.com - Modern and Luxury Jewelry
45. JewelryByDebi.etsy.com Wonderful handmade jewelry
46. RugBugBoutique.etsy.com
47. TheMilkshake.etsy.com
48. LindaB142.etsy.com
49. Vidia2B.etsy.com - really REALLY wants a MONKEY!
50. Lissilulu.etsy.com

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Anonymous said...

So no winner yet huh?

designsbyericakortz said...

I would love to win!

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