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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


If you like unique custom creations at affordable prices than JewelrybyJenn.etsy.com IS the online jewelry boutique for YOU!!!

If this is an EMERGENCY and you need something FANTASTIC right away:

One of my favorite things in her shop is her BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES set of earrings... YOU EVEN GET TO PICK THE COLOR!!! How cool is that???

(click on any of the picks below to go directly to the item for more specific details and prices...)

Here are just a few other of Jenn's SPECTACULAR lil dreamers...

In addition to STUNNING necklaces and earrings Jenn also makes GORGEOUS bracelets and SUPER FUN items like CELL PHONE CHARMS :D

I also really like her line of semi precious stone jewelry where she used the natural healing properties of the stones to make a piece that is both EYE CATCHING and SOUL SOOTHING.

I must make a personal confession that Jenn was my first etsy friend EVER :D If not for her I probably never would have started this so THANK YOU JENN!!!! This has been by far the most rewarding and exciting experience of my life :D

In addition to her being my first etsy friend she was also my first etsy purchase. Check out my earrings... FIT FOR A QUEEN indeed :D

AND Jenn has inspired me to get up off my butt and be a better person!!! She is incredibly motivated on her new work out plan so everytime she posts in the contest thread that she is gonna work out or go be productive I have told her I will match her productivity and go to yoga!!! I've been having a hard time getting there and it turns out that riding Jenn's coattails is the EXACT motivation I needed!!! lots of other people have gotten into the fun too! It doesnt have to be working out... just something you've been meaning to do lately but havent. I think someone even said they would avoid sweets everyday Jenn says she worked out. Just something you know is good for you but you need that extra motivation to do. Come. Take a motiMEvating ride on Jenn's coattails with me... feel the afternoon breeze fly through your hair. Its a lovely ride isnt it??? If you wanna get in on the action COMMENT here what YOU are gonna do everytime Jenn works out :D

It's kind of like a new years resolution, but we are gonna keep doing it after January... RIGHT JENN???


The Milkshake said...

Beautiful!!! :o)

LizardQueen said...

Very nice post! Jenn has some beautiful jewelry!

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